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The Euro is Collapsing - it will take the EU with it

It is becoming more and more clear that the Euro cannot survive in its present form. EU leaders still refuse to recognise the inevitable, and think that they can take on the world bond markets and win. Greece and Portugal are bankrupt, Italy and Spain in trouble, and Germany is not going to give them a blank cheque.

We are not in the Eurozone, but it is our biggest market. We need to start focusing our trade away from Europe - a declining region - and towards the rest of the world. Leaving the EU would provide the catalyst we need. EU rules prevent us from negotiating trade deals for ourselves with the growth regions of the world. Instead, we have to leave it to the EU. Their objectives are not our objectives. We urgently need fewer barriers to trade in services - they do not.

The EU itself will not long survive the collapse of the Euro - the dream of "ever-closer union" will be shattered. Their folly, their purblind arrogance, will cost the people of Europe dear.

The EU no longer looks like the future - more like a discredited past.

Britain is Isolated - just like the Titanic survivors

The BBC and others who moan about Britain's isolation and weakness are missing the point. It's not us that's in trouble, it's the Eurozone. As Ian Hislop put it recently, we are isolated on the sidelines while the centre collapses. The endless summits do almost nothing to solve the real problems - competitiveness and excess debt. You cannot solve a debt problem with more debt.

I don't think the Titanic survivors worried too much about being isolated - they just rowed like mad to avoid being dragged down when the ship sank.

Renegotiation is Not an Option

Cameron promises to repatriate powers from the EU.  Anyone who knows much about the EU knows that this is out of the question for EU leaders – it would mean abandoning their whole central principle of “ever-closer union”.  They will only do so under extreme pressure. As we have seen, vetoing a treaty is not enough. They would offer nothing to Cameron. The only threat they might recognise is a threat to leave the EU - which Cameron has specifically ruled out.

What Cameron should be doing is pressing for an orderly break-up of the Eurozone. It is the only alternative to a disorderly break-up, which would do far more damage.

The EU is holding Back the UK Recovery

We are paying too much (our net EU contribution increased from £6.8 billion in 2009 to £10.8 billion in 2011), and the vast body of EU regulation stifles business and the City of London. Rising powers like Brazil, India and China don't have these burdens. To recover, we have to make the UK competitive. We cannot do that without leaving the EU.

We would flourish outside the EU.


We Must Leave the EU

EU leaders are determined to create a United States of Europe – a single country of which Britain would be merely a province. The EU is taking more and more power over member states – the most recent being a plan for Eurozone governance - ie control over taxes and spending in return for a central bail-out fund. “Ever-closer union” is their declared aim.

We cannot stop this process. Successive British Governments have tried, and failed even to slow it down. They have resorted to denying it is happening. The only way to keep Britain an independent country is to leave the EU. We can leave – our parliament is still sovereign (for the present). We are subject to EU law because British legislation says so. Repeal the legislation and we are free. It only takes the political will.

  • The European Union costs us a fortune every year in budget contributions

  • The burden of its rules and regulations hampers our businesses and costs us jobs.

  • The EU stops us from making our own trade arrangements with the rest of the world

  • The EU harms the Third World by excluding them from EU markets

  • The EU harms the environment by counter-productive policies such as the Common Fisheries Policy, which requires thousands of tons of fish to be thrown back dead into the sea every year.

  • The Euro is damaging the economies of the member states as they struggle to cope with recession, without control of their own interest rates or exchange rates.

More and More Want Britain to Leave the EU

According to an Angus Reid poll in Britain in July 2011, 49% would vote for Britain to leave the EU and only 25% wanted Britain to remain a member .

In September 2012 a Chatham House/YouGov poll showed that 57% of the public wanted a referendum on leaving the EU. 49% would vote to leave the EU, against 27% wanting to stay.


Pros and Cons of our Membership- Update from the Bruges Group

See http://www.brugesgroup.com/RebuttalToDavidLidingtonLetter.pdf


Two Campaigns

We are giving our full support to two campaigns:

The People's Pledge

A campaign demanding an “in or out” referendum on Britain’s European Union membership attracted more than 20,000 supporters on its very first day - 15 March 2011.

Voters signed up in droves for the cross-party People’s Pledge initiative, which aims to name and shame the MPs who are not prepared to back a referendum on whether Britain should quit the EU. The campaign will particularly target MPs in marginal seats. Sign up on www.peoplespledge.org/


The Daily Express Crusade

Details of the main Express campaign for a referendum on leaving the EU are on www.express.co.uk/web/europecrusade where you can sign up to support the campaign. Our news page will carry articles from time to time on the progress of the Express Europe crusade.

On 8 January the Express published a 24 page supplement on why the UK should leave the EU. You can read it on http://images.dailyexpress.co.uk/pdfs/GetBritainOutoftheEU.pdf

The campaign scored a success in February when Editor Peter Hill led a march on Downing Street to hand over sacks of petition coupons signed by 373,000 readers. Thanks for your support. The campaign continues.


We can leave the EU. We must leave the EU.


The Democracy Movement

The Democracy Movement is a non party-political, grassroots campaigning group, with 300,000 registered supporters.

We have no connection with any political party and we do not put up candidates for election. We support campaigns against the European Union and its gradual absorption of the UK into a federal Europe. We monitor and expose the EU's drive towards political union (see News of the European Union)

The Surrey North and Spelthorne branch, which manages this website, has approximately 7,500 registered supporters.

Join us

If you would like to join us locally in supporting the campaign, see details on How to Help. Together we can make a difference.


We will Leave the European Union - Give Us a Referendum.